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August 13th, 2013

missingkitsune: (Default)
Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 12:50 pm

This is my freedom day.

17 years ago my grandmother passed away.

Why you may ask. How does that compare to freedom?

I grew up with my grandparents after both of my parents abandoned me and there was no place left to go. I was barely 5 and NO ONE wanted me, so my grand parents took me in out of obligation.

They were hyper religious, especially my grandmother. I never had friends come over because she'd preach at them.

I was abused by my birth mom and subsequent step mom (all this was after my mom just took off and dad remarried.) BUT........ my grandmother never let me forget about it. She'd bring up the abuse at weird times.

They never hugged me, or kissed me, Read stories to me at bed time. There was no foul language in allowed. Heck I couldn't even have "Apple Jacks" cereal because Apple jack was a kind of home distilled alcohol and that was a deadly sin apparently.

After I began to take care of her in her remaining years is when I also had my son. The digs didn't stop then either.

When he was little Disney's Jungle Book was released on VHS or DVD *i don't remember which* McDonalds put the characters in the happy meals. Well we got quite a few Kaa the snake.  Only to have them suddenly disappear. I usually found them buried in the trash. WHY?  because snakes were evil according to the bible........... (the 'serpent' who tempted Eve in the garden of Eden)  Serpent=Snake  Evil incarnate.

Also when he was little my son was struck with Viral Encephalitis  [X]  this gave him various learning disorders and delayed physical traits.  Her brilliant deduction was "Well maybe if he had a father around he'd be smarter"   WTF? woman.

So yeah I have no real love for any of my family.  My aunts and uncles all resented that my grandparents HAD to take care of me and they never let me forget it. And I've never really been close to my mom's sadistic bunch.

So 17 years ago when my grandmother finally passed I felt like I could really breath and be myself for the first time ever. I've grown so much from that day. I can now freely curse and drink *which i always did but secretly* I can live the life I need to live.