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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 11:03 pm
TITLE: Day by Day
AUTHOR: [personal profile] missingkitsune
FANDOM: Bleach
PAIRING: ShunUki, Shunsui Kyoraku, Juushiro Ukitake
WARNINGS: No real warnings at this time. PG-17 Rated for implied sex. M/M relationship, guys kissing and fluff.

A/N: Done for the 30day OTP challenge on tumblr
Bleach and all characters belong to Tite Kubo. All mistakes are mine alone.

Day 1

Holding hands

It didn't matter, each day was a simple blessing that they were able to remain together. The years had past in near uncountable number.
They always found a way to be together each day. Whether rain, or cold, sickness or health; they remained close.
Today Ukitake was sick in bed. Shunsui was sitting next to him; reading while his lover slept fitfully.
Reaching out he picked up one of the pale hands and held it tight. That simple gesture seemed to quiet the the fevered body and Jushiro settled back into a more normal sleep.
Simple things like holding hands had more meaning than big, grandiose gestures.


Day 2

Cuddling Somewhere

There was a quiet knock on the huge doors that guarded the office of the captain-commander. Hearing no reply Juushiro Ukitake carefully pushed one open and stepped across the threshold..
The person he was looking for was not at his desk. Maybe he had already left? He tried to read the reiatsu in the area; no he was definitely here. That's when he hear a soft snoring from the small sitting area.
When Shunsui had been promoted the office was still in shambles from the Quincy attack, so during the rebuild he had requested that a fireplace be built into one wall. He then proceeded to make a cozy sitting area for casual gatherings. He could often be found snoozing on one of the plush couches.
That's where Juushiro found him; sprawled out, with paperwork scattered all over himself, including one over his face. It fluttered lightly with each breath.
Ukitake looked around the room with sad affection. It did seem warmer, more welcoming since Shunsui made the changes. His pink kimono was hung carefully on an iko against a wall. The white captain's haori was draped across the back of the couch. Ukitake chuckled quietly at the still fluttering paper over Shunsui's handsome face. He began to gather up all the stay sheets and piled them neatly on the short, decorative table that held the rest of the paperwork, a bottle of sake with empty cup and a pot of cold coffee.
Tenderly he brushed a few stray hairs off the tired, drawn face and let out a sigh. Taking his own haori off, and placing it next to the other, he laid down next to the long body and curled up, with his head resting on the solid chest.
"This was totally an excuse to get me to cuddle with you, wasn't it?" He murmured quietly.
There was a quick snorting chuckle as one of Shunsui's arms slid around his shoulder and hugged him tight.


Day 3

Gaming/watching a movie

Modernization had quickly taken over the Seireitai once people found out about it, thanks in part to the former captains-vizored-new captains had started to showing things off. And once squad twelve had figured out how to make them work efficiently, there was no stopping it.
Most people embraced the new technology with gusto and it wasn't uncommon to see fingers dancing across tiny keypads as texting became widespread. There were of course a few holdouts, but that was to be expected in an ancient society.
Even Juushiro Ukitake; captain of squad thirteen. His lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki got the idea, that since her captain was sick in bed so often that he would enjoy having a television and DVD player to give him something to do during his long hours of recover. Ukitake loved these new gadgets greatly.
The new captain-commander on the other hand was one who wasn't overly fond of the new gizmos. He thought they were a good idea and saw how they made things better in general, he just couldn't be bothered with them.
The computer intrigued him, because he saw it as a way to get paperwork done easily, and anything to get rid of paperwork was a good thing. He was horrified at the copier and printer as those things made more of the evil paperwork. Then he discovered something, a machine that made his eyes light up with unholy glee... the paper shredder. He took to this new contraption like a child to sugar, much to the dismay of his lieutenants. They kicked him out of the office, after banning him for life from his new favorite toy. It was locked up in Nanao Ise's closet and the key is in Genshiro Okikiba's fundoshi, there was no way, other than blasting the closet open that he could get near it.
Which is why he was now heading to Ukitake's quarters. On top of Juushiro's usual ills he had somehow managed to catch a cold, and was hold up in his room watching movies.
Shunsui knocked politely. There was no reply. Sighing he figured that Ukitake was probably asleep so he turned away. That's when he heard sniffling and muffled sobbing. He quickly made his way to the sick man's room.
Juushiro was surrounded by plastic DVD cases, the trash can was full of used tissues and the man himself was snuggled down under his comforter; dabbing at his eyes to wipe away the tears.
"What's wrong?"
He pointed to the brightly colored, moving pictures on the television screen. "'s just so sad." Juushiro sniffled and hiccuped.
Reaching for the remote, "Well turn it off for Kami's sake."
Ukitake smacked his hand, "Don't you dare, I'm watching that."
Shunsui sighed, "You're not making sense. If it's making you sad, don't watch it." He only received a quiet hiss to be silent.
"You can pick the next one, so get changed and hold me."
Letting out another deep sigh, Shunsui did so; folding and hanging his uniform and kimono, he slipped on a light blue yukata and slid onto the futon. There was a wide variety of movies from space adventures to westerns.
Pretty soon he also became lost in the fantastical worlds of movies, hugging his lover close.
Modern things weren't so bad after all.

Day 4

On a date

Their times together were becoming less frequent since Shunsui's promotion. Something they both missed immensely.
Juushiro was a little surprised to receive a message to come to the head captain's office in the middle of the day, but he set his surprise aside and hurried to get there. Maybe Shunsui needed help, or needed his advice about something.
He was more than a little shocked to find the office was empty when he arrived. Maybe he had taken too long and the captain-commander decided to take charge of what ever it was. He would just leave a note, letting his friend know that he had been there.
Instead he found a note addressed to him in Shunsui's elaborate script. It was instructions to meet at a particular location.
When he got there, he found yet another note directing him to some other place.
Ukitake sighed. Shunsui was known for playing games from time to time, and apparently this was one of those time. He was going to be dashing all across the Seireitai.
Just as the sun was setting he came across Shunsui; he had a full picnic spread out at the waters edge of Juushiro's little hut.
"Shunsui..." he huffed, slightly out of breath.
"Welcome love, I thought you might enjoy a nice picnic after all that running around."
"I wouldn't have been running around if you didn't feel like playing games instead of just taking me out for a normal date."
"Where's the fun in that?" The tall brunette tried to look innocent. "Now sit down and let's watch the beautiful sunset together."
Juushiro snorted in reply and dropped into his lovers arms. "I'm planning the next date, you stink at it."



It had been a hard day of training. All cadets were beyond the point of exhaustion. Shunsui Kyoraku and Juushiro Ukitake were finally able to collapse into bed after bathing. There was a headcount and call for lights out and a groan echoed from all rooms. Shortly there were sounds of snoring and other noises that happened at nighttime. That's when Ukitake began to cough.
Since this had happened before Shunsui left the room to get a basin, wash cloth and a cup of clear water. When he returned Juushiro's coughing had gotten pretty bad so the taller youth slid behind his friend to hold him upright and keep him from hitting the floor.
Juushiro always felt embarrassed and ashamed when his roommate did that for him. They were only acquaintances because of a room assignment.
When the episode was over and everything was cleaned up, Juushiro began to cry softly in his bed. It was mortifying to be a slave to this illness. He lapsed into bout of self pity not realizing that Shunsui was kneeling next to him, tenderly stroking his hair.
"Shhh.." A voice whispered in his ear, "It'll be alright."
Ukitake rolled over, "Hnn, Kyoraku... what?" he was confused.
Shunsui slid unto the bed next to him, "Look I know that bothers you when you get sick like that, but I'm here to help you, not pity you. I'm your friend believe it or not."
Juushiro sniffed a little, "I'd like us to be friends, I was kind of hoping we already were, since we're sharing a room."
"There you go," Shunsui smiled at him and brushed away the last of his tears. "Who knows what the future will hold for us, so we need to stick together and face it."
Shunsui; being the more affectionate one leaned over to give him a quick peck on the cheek... just as Juushiro turned his head.
Both boys blushed furiously but later on Shunsui claimed that was their first kiss ever.



Wearing each others clothes

There was one problem with being lovers in a military organization: it was really easy to get the uniforms mixed up.
Fortunately it didn't happen too often and never during an emergency situation.
Until that one day.
They had been lounging in post sex bliss, curled tightly around each other, when the alarms rang out sending everyone scrambling.
Shunsui and Juushiro just started to grab clothing and tugged them on in a hurry. They managed to get the right uniforms on and pulled on their captains haori's.
The emergency passed with little trouble, but some minor destruction to squads eleven and twelve, the two captains could feel the eyes of their peers on them. They tried to shrug it off as just one of those odd things that happened occasionally.
After a while Unohana-taicho tapped their shoulders and spun them around. Shunsui burst out laughing.

They had gotten their uniforms correct but were wearing each other's haori.



There had been complaints from the shinigami on patrol duty in the human world. There was a new kind of soul or maybe it was a hollow; what ever it was no one wanted to approach it because it felt strange.
So a meeting among the captains took place. At first they thought maybe Kurotsuchi-taicho had taken his experiments too far, he exploded angrily, saying he had much better things to do with his time than some lame experiment with human souls.
Then the subject of Aizen came up. Everyone had to agree that it sounded like something he could have done, but since he was locked up maybe the test subject escaped.
It was decided that Shunsui Kyoraku and Juushiro Ukitake; being the strongest of the captains should be the ones to investigate this strange anomaly.
The officer in charge pointed out the 'person' in question as soon as they arrived. The boy looked normal, yet there was a severed soul chain hanging from his chest. They approached the youth carefully.
"Awesome costumes, I've seen a lot of ones like that," the boy greeted them. "Is it part of some group thing?"
Kyoraku and Ukitake stopped for a moment to gape in surprise. "Umm ...well yes." Juushiro replied hesitantly.
"You can actually see us?" Shunsui asked.
"Sure I can see you." was the reply.
Ukitake stepped forward, "Why are you lingering here? Do you have some regret from your life?"
"What're you talking about, man?" The boy looked confused. "I ain't got no regrets."
"Well are you lost perhaps?" Juushiro was trying to be helpful, "We could send you on your way to the Soul Society." He held the hilt of his sword out, ready to preform a konso on the stray spirit.
The youth turned pale and scuttled backwards several steps, "Whoa, whoa, whoa dude, are you nuts? What's with the sword?"
"We use this to send the dead to the afterlife."
"Dude...I'm not dead." the boy gawped at him.
"No! you're simply in denial." Ukitake explained patiently.
"It won't hurt," Shunsui added.
"YOU GUYS ARE NUTS." The boy shouted at them.
"But you have a severed soul chain." Juushiro pointed to his chest.
"What? This thing?" The soul touched his chest. Both men nodded.
"I keep seeing people with this and thought it looked cool so I made one for my shirt."
"Made? ...You made that?" Shunsui questioned.
"Yeah dude, I was going to a con and thought this would be a cool cosplay."
Kyoraku and Ukitake stood still for a few minutes, then shook their heads in disbelief.
"No wonder no one could identify this soul correctly, he's still alive." Kyoraku chuckled.


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