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Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 06:31 pm
Title: Conversations with Dragons
Warning: N/A
Comments: Percy Trumbull continues on his dragon quest. He finds out some things that other humans don't know
Unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine alone.

Conversations with Dragons.

Percy Trumbull was on his way to meet another one of the dragon kind. Targ the mighty had told him where to find his fellow dragon. The one who knew of a potter that could make elegant tea sets. He needed a tea set for the future for when he would finally meet the right woman, and not some silly, flighty princess.
As he drew closer he could see pillars of smoke in the air and the ground was trembling.
His horse became very skittish as they drew closer to the smoking hill. He tied the horse's reins to a stout tree, taking off the saddle and gear, hiding them in the underbrush. Percy made sure his sword was in the correct place, adjusted his armor and made his way to the cave opening.
The ground trembled harder and more smoke billowed out of the cavern entrance as he drew closer. Peeking inside he saw a humongous red dragon stomping around the inside of the cave, while smoke billowed out of it's nostrils as if it was enraged.
“Excuse me! Oh great dragon.” he called out.
Suddenly there was a massive head within inches of his face. “WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?” The monster hissed.
“I'm so very sorry to bother you, but are you Blat the Great Red?”
“I've been told that you know something about a potter that makes exquisite tea sets.” The dragon blinked at him several times and withdrew it's head.
“I know something of that matter,” The voice was calmer. “Who told you I know of such things?”
“Targ the Mighty.”
“Targ the Mighty?” Smoke and flames began to billow out of the snout... “Targ..... the Mighty? Oh moons...So that's what he's calling himself now?” Blat let out a choked laugh. “Mighty... We of the dragon kind refer to him as Targ the Tiny. He's one of the smallest of our kind.”
“He seemed pretty big to me.”
“Well you are a puny human after all.” Blat stated. “And you reek.”
“Sorry about that. When you bellowed at me I...... I.... sort of wet myself, and I'm in this heavy armor when makes me sweat really bad.”
Blat let out a short snort. “.... and that's why humans are not very tasty.”
“Targ said the same thing.”
Percy found a rock to sit on so he did not have to strain his neck so far back to look at Blat. “Sir, about the potter?”
“SIR?” Blat shot out a small flame in Percy's direction, “I'll have you know I'm a female. All the large dragons are female. Don't humans know the difference?”
“I apologize, I had no idea.”
“Females have to be bigger because we need the room for our eggs.”
“I see.” Percy scratched his chin. “So all the huge dragons are female.”
“Yes! It's simple biology.”
Percy pulled a little notepad out of his pack and wrote for several minutes.
“What are you doing?” The huge head was next to his suddenly.
“I'm taking notes. I want to write down the truths about dragons, so other humans won't make the same mistakes I have.”
“Hmm.. interesting. You're an interesting human.” The head swung away again. “Now about the potter... I have need of my potter myself. My last tea cup just broke and it infuriated me.”
“Oh so that's why you were stomping around and leaking fire and smoke?”
“Yes, I'm so very upset.” Blat rumbled. “And I have to wait until he makes a trip to my home to see if I need anything, and that won't be for another moon.”
“How in heaven am I suppose to enjoy my tea with one of these dinky cups” She held one of the human size cups between her claws. “It would take more than fifty of these to slake my thirst.”
“Perhaps I came at just the right time.” Percy grinned. “I could carry a message to the potter, and I could order my own set while I'm there.”
“That may well be a good plan. I could have my cups in a week's time that way.” Blat nodded. “But what am I to do in the meantime?”
“What did you do before you found the potter?”Percy wondered out loud.
“I used a wooden bowl. I understand that humans use them to serve food.” Blat the Giant Red shook her head. “It seems rather uncivilized now that I've had actual tea cups.”
“Just give me the potters name and I will commission him to do your cups and my tea set.”
“It's a deal.” Blat held out a big, sharp claw and Percy shook it in a very civilized manner. She gave Percy the name of the potter and bid him farewell. Percy promised to return in a weeks time with the goods.
“Oh be a dear and bring me some more tea also.” Blat handed him a bag of coins, “Maybe a little human type snack. I do enjoy being surprised.”
Percy bowed again and went to retrieve his horse.
He found the town and sought out the potter. Sadly the original potter had passed away, but his son had taken over his business.
The man had to search though his father's files to find the exact design for Blat's tea set. When that was done he set about to sketch out Percy's set.
Percy immediately approved of the design. The potter said it would take a week to complete the orders. Percy nodded and left to find a room to stay in for the week. He was grateful to get out of the armor and into a tub of hot water. His faithful horse was stabled and cared for. After the bath he realized he was really hungry and went to find some food for himself.
As the week passed he collected the tea and treats for Blat. He hoped she would like them. He also gathered supplies for himself, cleaned his armor and had the blacksmith sharpen his sword.
The week finally passed and Percy made his way back to Blat's lair. He had to hitch a wagon to his horse to carry everything. The horse was not pleased and kept acting up. He got as close as he dared, then tied the horse to a tree again. He unhitched the wagon and pulled it along behind him as he wandered closer to the cave.
This time he called out, to announce that he was there. Blat came to the cave entrance to meet him.
First he unloaded the precious tea cups for the dragon who let out a very un-dragon like squeak of joy. “They're perfect. Thank you.... I just realized I never got your name, yet you did all this for me.”
The young knight bowed deeply. “I'm Percy Trumbull, ma'am.” He turned around to get the tea and treat packets. “I got several different kind of tea, I hope that's alright.” He hefted the barrels of dried tea. “And I picked a few different treats that I hope you like.”
There were pies and candies, cakes and breads. Percy placed them all before the dragon: who sniffed at each one curiously.
“They all smell so good. Do they need to be cooked?”
“No they're all finished products. I really do hope you like them.”
“What's this one?” She plucked a chunk of chocolate up with two claws. “I've never smelled anything like it.”
“It's called chocolate. Humans like it very much.”
She took a small nibble and hummed with appreciation. “Moons that's delicious. It's going to be hard not to eat it all at once.” Blat hummed some more.
“Most of the baked things have to be eaten soon or they'll go bad.”
“Thank you friend Percy. You're welcome to visit any time.”
“I will, and with great pleasure.” He bowed once more. “I'll bring more snacks too.”
Blat snorted mildly as she stuffed a pie in her mouth, “I'd welcome that indeed.” She picked up a golden platter and offered it to Percy. “In thanks for all you've done for me, no other human has been so kind.”
Taking the platter, Percy once more bowed deeply. “It was my honor. Targ the Mighty said dragon kind just want peace. And that's what I'm striving for also.”
“You're a unique human knight. Most seek to slay or steal.” She giggled under her breath “Targ the Mighty.”
Percy merely smiled and prepared to leave. “Before you leave...” Blat started. “Do you wish you with to learn more about dragon kind?”
“Yes!” Percy nearly shouted. “I would love that.”
“Then get out your notepad I will give you directions to to Mallak the Wise. She has all of our lore in her memories and it should be written down before she passes.”
“That would be a great honor.” Percy took out his notepad and writing tool and wrote down all the instructions to find Mallak the Wise. “Should I take anything along with me to give to her?”
“Some more tea would probably be welcome, and some of those delicious treats. I'm sure she's never had anything like those before.”
“I will do so.” One more bow and Percy made his way back to his horse.
Dragons were far more interesting than he had ever thought. It would be his greatest achievement in gaining more knowledge about dragon kind. He turned his horse in the direction of the new dragon lair.